Given the growing demand for tourist services and the enormous legal uncertainty that, on occasion, the client could find when acquiring their reservations through the various sales channels both online and face-to-face, Family Morocco Tour wants to go a step further and offer the maximum legal guarantee to the client by ensuring the quality of services offered through the delivery of the following


Family Morocco Tour (Familia Marruecos Tour S.A.R.L.), with Patent: 19395215 and Trade Register: 13153, established in Ksar Tanamoust Taous Rissani. Morocco declares:


– Regulation of the conditions of contracting services offered by Family Morocco Tour (hereinafter “the travel agency”).


– This declaration will be valid during the period of time established in the conditions of the reservation made as a “consumption period”, at the date of termination indicated will expire without prior notice.


– The price to be paid will be the one determined in the reservation form.

– The price includes exactly the contracted services

– The price does not include, unless expressly indicated to the contrary, the tourist taxes imposed by the local authorities on tourist accommodation and which must be paid by the client in the accommodation itself.

– The price does not include optional services contracted directly at hotel establishments such as minibar, parking, early check in, late check out, or any other service not explicitly included in the booking voucher.


– The parties must respect the conditions of the reservation made, cancellation conditions, excluded countries, contracted supplements, etc.


– By the delivery of this document the client understands to have received the following information provided by the travel agency:

o The travel agency has all the necessary permits to exercise its activity in accordance with the legislation of the Kingdom of Morocco or any other country where it operates.

o The obligation to carry personal documentation, family and all persons who are part of the reservation concerned, whether passport, official identity document or visas, depending on the country to visit. This personal documentation must have a minimum expiry date of 6 months, generally from the date of return from the trip.

o The descriptions, services and other information contained in the reservation represent its state at the time of its creation and are based on the good faith of the travel agency which will not be responsible for its inaccuracy if it is due to alterations occurred subsequently whatever its cause and not in the possession of the travel agency. Likewise, the inconvenience caused by the singular architectural style of any establishment, by subjective factors such as general aesthetics or cultural traditions of the area in which the reserve is developed, will not be the object of a claim.

o Generally the accommodation is with single beds and exceptionally of marriage. Any other need of the client, will be requested on the part of the travel agency to the establishment not being able to guarantee the result of the request. Establishments may refuse admission to persons, including children, not specified in the reservation. The request for a cot must be requested at the time of booking and is subject to availability, quotation and confirmation by the establishment.

o The schedules of entry and exit in each reservation are imposed by the establishment, not being the object of complaint.

o When the establishments establish a specific time and place for the collection of keys, and such information is not provided by the travel agency, the customer must contact the establishment and find out and comply with these conditions.

o The categories of establishments correspond to those authorized in the countries where they are located, not being comparable between different countries.

o Unless otherwise indicated, half-board or full-board diets do not include beverages.

o If the establishments require a deposit, either in cash or by credit card, this will be obligatory in any case even if it does not appear in the documentation provided by the travel agency.

o The term “city establishment” covers those located anywhere in the city centre and not necessarily in the centre itself.

Car rental companies require minimum conditions of age and deposit by credit card, not debit card, failure to comply with any of these obligations will not be subject to complaint to the travel agency.

o The vehicles rented by the travel agency include a basic insurance, at destination, the rental company will offer the customer other optional insurance under the responsibility of the same.

o Failure to present the client in the establishment, without prior notice, the day of commencement of the reservation could lead to the complete cancellation of the reservation.

o The early departure of the booking period will not give rise to any financial compensation from the travel agency. The client has travel insurance that could include some type of compensation for early cancellation.

o The payment of a reservation will always be made at the travel agency and not at the destination, unless otherwise indicated.

o In case of force majeure, meaning those circumstances beyond the control of the person invoking them, abnormal and unforeseeable, the consequences of which could not have been avoided despite having acted with due diligence) the contracted service could be replaced by a similar one under the same conditions. In this case, if the client wants to cancel the reservation within the dates indicated in it, there will be no cancellation costs.

o Some hotels, car rental companies, shipping companies, airlines, etc.. They could change their name or trademark, which cannot be interpreted as a change of car, hotel, boat or flight.

o Delays in flights, loss of luggage and consequences that may arise will be subject to claim by the customer to the airline concerned and if appropriate to travel insurance offered by the travel agency.

o For the travel agency to initiate a complaint procedure due to any service not offered properly by those responsible for it, it is essential to have submitted a written complaint at destination.


– Anticipated cancellation will not cause expenses as long as the cancellation takes place within the time limit established in the conditions of the reservation made. In case of not respecting this period of time, the client will have to pay the expenses of the same one.

– In the case of failure to show up within the period indicated in the reservation at the accommodation, flight, car rental office, train or bus station, ferry, cruise, excursion, etc.. It will generate the same expenses as the late cancellation.


– The voucher or travel document issued and stamped by the travel agency will be the proof of reservation.


– The conditions and form of payment will be those agreed by the parties at the time of confirming the reservation.


– The obligations of this declaration shall not apply in cases of force majeure.


– This declaration shall be governed by the common law of the Kingdom of Morocco.

– Both contracting parties, renouncing their own jurisdictions, expressly submit themselves to the law of the Kingdom of Morocco to settle all questions which the execution, interpretation or fulfilment of this declaration may give rise to.