A unique adventure in the

gran desert of Morocco

Our Routes in Quads and Buggies in Morocco

Discover the spectacular landscapes of Morocco in an exciting tour combining speed and sand in Quads and Buggies through the immense desert dunes, crossing oases of palm groves, dry rivers and ancient volcanic landscapes offered by the Moroccan territory.Get ready to experience what the Paris Dakar pilots feel, enjoy an unforgettable and fun adventure in top-of-the-range vehicles and in the company of professional guides who will make you enjoy the experience at 100% and that this is developed with total safety and always respecting the environment and the environment, hallucinate with the power of quads while you test yourself with driving through the desert, are very easy to drive and automatic, we have vehicles and routes suitable for all levels. Excursions ranging from 1 hour, to full days of several days. We can stop for tea in a traditional Berber village and discover a lifestyle that has remained intact for 200 years.