The Sahara (to say Sahara desert would be redundant since “Sahara” means “desert”) is the largest warm desert in the world and covers virtually the entire North of Africa, from the Red Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Sahara is formed by sand dunes, erg, rock valleys or hamadas, gravel plains, reg and dry valleys and salt flats, chott.

In Morocco, the easternmost part of the country, is where we can find the erg or sand dunes that, on the other hand, are the delight of our travellers. Almost in line, from North to South, are the Erg Chabbi, next to Merzouga, the Erg de Ouzina, in the town of the same name where, in addition, is our Riad Ouzina TGM and Erg Chegaga, near Mhamid.

Undoubtedly, the desert is one of the reasons to visit Morocco and any of the three Erg offer spectacular sensations. Next we are going to make a brief description so that to you it is easier to decide for the Erg to visit:

Erg Chebbi

Sometimes called Merzouga desert, here is the highest dune of this part of the Sahara, the Erg has a maximum extension of about 25 kms. long by about 5 kms. wide. It is also the most popular desert and most visited for its relative proximity to the airports of Marrakech or Fez. Here, Family Morocco Tour organizes dromedary rides between the dunes and nights in fully equipped tents in camps from which to enjoy a rich dinner in the light of the stars.

Erg of Ouzina

About 50 km from Merzouga is another beautiful Erg of the Sahara, the Erg of Ouzina. Through the old Paris Dakar Rally track and next to the last kilometres of the Ziz river we reach the town of Ouzina where we usually take our travellers to get to know the Berber culture better. The more reddish colour of its sand and the contract with the black mountains after the joined to that here is our Riad Ouzina TGM make of the place an indispensable one. Many of our programs include the three Erg but Chebbi and Ouzina are usually a must.

In the Erg of Ouzina we celebrate two beautiful and endearing events, the New Year’s Eve Party and the most beloved of all, the passing of SSMM The Three Kings on their way to deliver toys to all children.

Erg Chegaga

Finally, Erg Chegaga, perhaps the longest and most loved among lovers of 4×4 for its continuation with Lake Iriki. To get to this Erg it is essential to do it from Marrakech although our route that joins the three Erg makes it almost indifferent where to start, fun and spectacularity are assured.

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