We are probably the first tourism company in Morocco with its own action protocol based on the latest recommendations and news from both the WHO and the Kingdom of Morocco. You can consult them here.

The pandemic has caused serious trauma in the development of tourism and, specifically in Morocco, its effects have been devastating for this reason, precautions are maximum, but the most important thing is that these security measures do not interfere with the enjoyment of your trip.


The accommodations selected by our company must meet the following requirements:

  • Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization according to the mandatory protocol issued by the Moroccan government
  • Good ubication
  • Possess a special charm
  • Address the traveler’s special requirements or needs: accessibility, specific food diet, etc.
  • All of them have been supervised by our team and have our professional approval


Family Morocco Tour drivers are your trusted and close people on your trip. They speak the same language and will advise and help you throughout the tour. They know how to keep social distance, they will show you the best places, from an under-crowded point of view, they will offer you Wi-Fi, bottled water, disinfectant gel and, if necessary, spare masks, they will recommend you where to eat, where to change money or any other information that you need.

They have specific training on the characteristics and particularities of each visitor according to their origin and will always be at their service in a disinfected vehicle at the beginning of their route and kept daily in a perfect state of cleanliness.

The car is for you and your companions only so you can consider it “your car”, your personal belongings are safely stored inside.


The routes that you can find on the Family Morocco Tour website are only starting points. On these routes you can make all the suggestions that you consider appropriate both in the layout and in its content. We make specific trips for ornithologists, geologists, historians, photographers and a long etcetera.

The distances, but above all, the times in the car between the places to discover can be more or less long but with a fundamental characteristic, there is no rush, we will stop on the way as many times as necessary.


The gastronomy of Morocco is exceptional, low in fat, most of the time it cooks over low heat and with a use of spices that only increases the natural flavor of each ingredient. If you have any specific requirements, let us know before starting the trip, we can certainly offer it to you.


All trips include everything necessary for an absolute enjoyment of your trip, from bottled water in cars, disinfectant gel or spare masks to private local guides, tents with private bathrooms, choosing the type of room where it is possible, choice of diet.

We also offer exclusive options such as helicopter rides, buggies, motorcycles, travel insurance with anti-David protection, air connections with everyone through our travel agency, visa management and a long etcetera. Let us know what you need!


Many people say so. Because we are different? Because we listen, we are not prejudiced, we are a young team but with extensive experience, responsible and close. So we are.