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The best Moroco trips to Travel to Morocco and enjoy your best holidays, fully personalized and tailored. We adapt to you. We make excursions and routes from Marrakech, Fez, Rabat, Ouarzazate, Nador, Tangier and Casablanca. We also organize your flight from anywhere in the world, we are also a travel agency!  We want your trip to be an unforgettable memory, we guarantee that our routes will not leave you indifferent. Have tea with us, travel in comfortable 4×4 vehicles, know first hand the stories and legends of our country, sleep in the desert contemplating the stars, enjoy a camel ride. Don’t miss the opportunity to live a unique experience, full of adventures and unforgettable. We have offices in Morocco, Argentina and Spain.


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Routes through Morocco

We welcome you to a world of unique experiences. Morocco is a fascinating country, with wonderful corners and almost unexplored places, landscapes that will make you dream with your eyes open. In short, a place that you can not miss, where you will live unforgettable adventures.
Family Morocco Tour are specialists in travel and routes through Morocco, with tailor-made itineraries for you to discover all the charms of this country at its own pace. We design excursions in Morocco completely adapted to your preferences, so that each day is a unique experience.

Trips in Morocco

Travelling to Morocco is something completely different from any other type of trip. The contrasts from one point to another, with desert dunes on one side, markets that seem to be taken from a tale of a thousand and one nights, fabulous beaches on which to sunbathe or mythical cities such as Casablanca, Tangier or Fez, among many other attractions, all this makes Morocco not just one place, but thousands of them, all with infinite possibilities.

You can do whatever you want, whether it’s taking every minute to move from one side to the other, or if you prefer to relax and rest sleeping in a palace. Each one of the proposals that we offer you is an adventure that you will not be able to forget.

Tour in Morocco

We have a long list of programmed routes, so that you can choose the one that most attracts you. Adjusted to the time you have, because we have from a tour in Morocco with a duration of 3 days, to a trip through the most spectacular corners that will last two weeks. You choose the Morocco you want to see, depending on what your possibilities areImagine being able to ride a camel and walk through the desert, observe the starry sky when night falls or attend a typical party where fire is the only lighting. Or sleep in a traditional tent, with the singular oriental charm of legends. All this and much more is waiting for you in Morocco, the country born on the shores of the Mediterranean that is lost in the sands of the desert.

Morocco Tours

You may think that Morocco is just sand and sun, but the truth is that here you have much more than you can imagine. Our tours in Morocco will show you that there is an ideal corner for every occasion, depending on what you want to do, if you want to live an adventure, the routes in Morocco that we organize will take you to travel in 4×4 roads that will surprise you, reaching the Atlas Mountains, discovering oases and landscapes that you can not imagine that could be here, if you prefer something quieter, Morocco is also for you. You can relax and enjoy a spa session or stay in a quiet environment, taking a bath in the pool or receiving a treatment with the famous Argan oil, one of the mythical trees of Morocco that has countless properties In case you like to discover cultures and customs, in cities like Fez or Marrakech you can take a tour of the markets full of aromas that will awaken your senses. Or have tea while watching the traditional Berber dance, which the Touareg people have kept intact for centuries, or have options to taste typical dishes, discover ancient cities or live the contrasts of a country that combines the best of several worlds.

Excursions in Morocco

At Family Morocco Tour we specialize in excursions for all tastes. That’s why we can assure you that you will find just what you need. We have desert excursions Morocco and other areas of a few hours, where you see some curiosity that is not far from the city in which you are staying, or several day tours such as desert tours Marrakech, stopping at many destinations to enjoy what each offers. Whichever excursion you choose, we are convinced that none will leave you indifferent.

Travel in Morocco

We want you to arrive in Morocco and everything is ready for you to enjoy every minute. That’s why we worry about organizing your trip in Morocco to the measure, in case you want something special. We organize Desert Tours in Morocco, visits to small villages are charming, routes through the Atlas Mountains and endless other plans, just tell us what you would like to see or do, how much time you have and if there is something in particular that you want to give priority. We set out to make your dream a reality, because we guarantee that there is a Morocco thought for you waiting.

Morocco tour

Our list of Morocco tours keeps growing, because as we see what each traveler is looking for, we start to organize new itineraries. From the desert tours from Marrakech by 4×4 to the possibility of observing Morocco from the air in a helicopter, our tour service in Morocco is surely the most complete you can find. Our offer of Morocco tours in 4×4 covers all the corners you can imagine, and sure that some you do not know. Always with modern and comfortable vehicles, prepared to travel through all kinds of trails, from the sands of the desert to the Atlas Mountains, which will take you through the most spectacular routes in Morocco. one of the most traditional tours is the toour through the desert, but that does not stop being a memorable experience. In addition, Family Morocco Tour looks for ways to surprise you at every step, so we do not settle for just the classic, but we try to provide something different to enrich even more an extraordinary experience.

Adventure Tours in Morocco

Without a doubt, Morocco is synonymous with adventure, and it demonstrates this by having locations that have been used as film stages, some of them well known, such as Alexander the Great or Gladiator. If you’re an adventure lover, you can’t miss visiting Morocco, because there are so many places to live different emotions that every time you come you can make a different route and enjoy unique experiences In Family Morocco Tour we know that no two people are the same, and that’s why our adventure routes through Morocco can be customized, and adapted to the suggestions you have. If you present us with an idea and we see that it is possible to set it in motion, you can be sure that we will do it. We have an experience of several years and hundreds of successfully organized routes. We know the best corners of Morocco to live adventures, and we love to put all this at your disposal so you have the experience you deserve.

Morocco tours from anywhere in the world

Once everything is organized, you don’t have to worry about anything at all. We organize your trip to Morocco from any place in the world with everything you are going to do during your stay. From the outward journey to the return, you will have planned your Morocco Desert Tours, with the stops and means of transport that will be used, you will also have free time to lose yourself in some of the most emblematic markets and cities, if that is what you want. Or to spend time on the beach, where the desert sand comes into contact with the sea, in an incredible fusion. In short, before taking the flight that will take you to Morocco, you will know at all times what you are going to do, although you will discover when you arrive that is going to be a continuous surprise at every step you take. It does not matter whether it is trips to Marrakech, Fez, Casablanca, Riad, Tangier or Ouarzazate. You can book the best Morocco tours from Spain and don’t worry about the rest, because we take care of making you enjoy the most fascinating experience possible. we operate from all corners of the planet to bring Morocco closer to the world. That’s why we have Tours to Morocco in direct flight to the main cities of the country. As specialists in Morocco tours from Spain, everything is organized to make the most of the trip you’ve been waiting for so long.

Tours in marrakech

Uno de los puntos neurálgicos de Marruecos sin duda es Marrakech, con uno de los aeropuertos más importantes del país, muy cerca del centro de la ciudad. Este lugar es un buen punto de partida para dejarte envolver por la magia. Cuenta con innumerables monumentos y el impresionante Palmeral, una joya que perdura en el tiempo porque tiene casi mil años de antigüedad. Pasear por algunos de estos sitios te transportará a una época muy lejana, un viaje en el tiempo que solo puedes hacer si disfrutas de los tours en Marruecos. Además de la ciudad y sus encantos, en Family Morocco Tour tenemos varias excursiones de un día para que aproveches tus viajes a Marrakech y veas lugares de tal belleza e importancia que han sido declarados Patrimonio de la Humanidad, pequeños pueblos en los que el tiempo se ha congelado o espacios naturales como gargantas, valles o cascadas. Y si un día te parece poco, también contamos con rutas de varias jornadas, como tours por Marruecos en 4×4, recorridos por los antiguos senderos del Dakar o noches al aire libre, durmiendo en una jaima tradicional. Con Marrakech como punto de partida y llegada para volver tras una experiencia increíble. Tenemos una completa oferta de viajes Marrakech desierto, cultura, historia, relax y mucho más. Todo lo que te gustaría experimentar en Marruecos lo puedes hacer en esta ciudad.

Organized trips in Morocco

Marrakech is just one of the many places from which we organize trips to Morocco. We have presence in the main cities of the country, to offer you the exclusive experience you are looking for. As specialists in Morocco tours, we have all kinds of routes a la carte. You can take a look at the options we have prepared for you, from the classic desert trips Morocco to the novel possibility of discovering the secrets of the desert at a bird’s eye view, an excursion that will not leave you indifferent, like none you can choose. Whether it’s on a camel, on a quad or a Moroccan 4×4 tour, with our organized tours you will be able to enjoy the pure oriental charm, we also have special routes for certain times of the year, such as bridges or summer holidays. If you want to have unforgettable memories, Morocco is the perfect place to get it, and if you want to enjoy a tailor-made trip in Morocco, you can also count on us. You will be able to design an exclusive and personalized trip, always in the hands of experts in trips organized by Morocco with which you will be able to turn into reality that idea that you Family Morocco Tour we have services that you will not find in any other place. We work every day to put the best of Morocco at your disposal, with almost as many possibilities as the grains of sand from the deserts that make this corner of the planet unique. You will be able to live the sensation that the inhabitants have felt every night for centuries, taste the surprising traditional Moroccan gastronomy, even learning to prepare some recipes, or cross the most famous dunes in the world. All this and much more is organised so that you can enjoy to the maximum what Morocco has for you, come and experience the best holidays you can imagine, with personalised and tailor-made routes. We know how to adapt to what each person wants to experience, and we offer tours to Morocco that no one else can give you. Live the oriental night like you never imagined, drink tea in an authentic nomad tent or travel the sands of time on board of diverse means of transport. All this and much more awaits you with our organized trips in Morocco.